GRANDMA SAYED - black/white



GRANDMA SAYED - black/white

Collage on paper, chipboard
19,29 Inch x 24,92 Inch





Millions of liars                                      Millions of thieves

Thrown in this world                             now ravage her streets

Millions of killers                                    Millions of slaves

Crawling in the void of their graves


Bathing in dead illusions

Victims of their lies

Preaching the only truth they know:

No one gets out alive


Born with a rope around the neck

In a blur world full of doubt

We laugh a lot and most time we cry

And whatever we do, we have to pay for


Little moment                                       little try’s

Everything passes by

Some wounds never heal                    that’s no big deal

Grandma said it                                    Grandma died

Everything passes by